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Trigger warnings: ableism, suicidal ideation, racism, sexism, transmisogyny, rape.

Having been called out for a dismissive comment about mental illness, indie developer/artist/game jam organizer Devi Ever doubled down on her comments with a torrent of “ironic, satirical” racism, sexism, transmisogyny, and rape jokes. Participants in #cyberpunkjam and the upcoming #genderjam may want to reconsider their association, given the organizer’s toxic behavior.

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I wish I’d known how awful she was before I took part in her game jam. But at least I know now.

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My First Game Jam (Gaming Pixie’s Games)

[You can play the game I made here.]

Last night, I finished my first game that I made as part of a game jam. Well, not finished, exactly; more like managed to put together something serviceable that kind of makes sense, even if I didn’t get to do nearly as much I wanted to with it. Anyway, the game jam in question was the Cyberpunk Jam. All the games are listed here. And I have to say it was an interesting experience.

I wasn’t even sure I’d participate until it was half over. I didn’t

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